Our Quality Checking System

We control quality throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Casting inspection:

We can find out the problem of raw material, such as shoddy casting, unqualified wall thickness, chemical composition and so on, which ensure that you will not be cheated.  

Machining Inspection:

On the one hand, we could ensure machining accuracy through this process. On the other hand, we could find out machining mistake as early as possible, to win more time for repairing and remaking.

Assembling, Painting and packing:

Final inspection activities include document and QC record review, visual examination, dimension check, pressure test, painting and packing check. You don’t need to come and inspect in person and all the documents could be provided as proof. 

Specially testing:

In addition to regular hydraulic testing and air testing, we could also do specials test as per clients’ requests, such as PT test, RT test, UT test, cryogenic test, low leakage test, fire proof test, and hardness test and so on.