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As a leading valve manufacturer, we focus on producing industrial ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, control valves and globe valves.

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Runwell Valve is a top manufacturer and supplier of industrial valves worldwide. We offer various industrial valves for Oil, Gas, Water, Refinery, Mining, Chemical, Marine, Power Station, and Pipeline Industries. Our product line includes over 70 series and thousands of valve models, such as Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Gate valves, Globe valves, Check valves, Marine valves, Safety valves, Strainers, Oil filters, Valve groups, and Valve spare parts. The products offered cover a range of pressures, including high, medium, and low pressure, with a range from 0.1-42MPA and sizes from DN6-DN3200. The materials used include steel, stainless steel, cast iron, bronze, special alloy materials, and Duplex steel. All products are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet API, ASTM, ANSI, JIS, DIN BS, and ISO Standards.


Founded in 1989


30 Year Experience


More Than 70 Series


More Than 1600 Models

Types of Our Valve Products

Ball Valve

Applications of Our Valves

At Runwell Valve, we engineer valves that are not just components but critical solutions for various industries. Here’s a closer look at the versatile applications of our valves and how they contribute to the success and efficiency of multiple sectors.

Oil & Gas Industry picture

Oil & Gas Industry

Our valves are designed to ensure safe, efficient, and reliable operations in the demanding environments of the oil and gas industry. They can withstand extreme pressures, temperatures, and corrosive substances, ensuring uninterrupted flow and control of oil and gas resources from upstream exploration and production to downstream refining, transportation, and storage.

Water & Wastewater Management

Water & Wastewater Management

Our valves can control water flow through treatment plants, maintain pressure in distribution networks, and manage sewage and stormwater systems. Our solutions contribute to the sustainability and efficiency of water resource management, ensuring a safe and clean water supply.

Chemical & Petrochemical Industries

Chemical & Petrochemical Industries

Our valves are relied upon by the chemical and petrochemical sectors to safely handle aggressive, corrosive, and hazardous materials. They provide precise control and isolation, ensuring process integrity, safety, and environmental compliance for reactors, pipelines, and storage tanks, even in the most challenging conditions.

Power Generation

Power Generation

Valves play a critical role in power plants, regardless of whether they use fossil fuels, nuclear energy, or renewable sources. They control the flow of steam, water, and fuel, contributing to safe and efficient power generation. These valves are essential components in cooling systems, boilers, turbines, and fuel delivery systems, maximizing efficiency and reliability in power generation.

Food & Beverage Processing

Food & Beverage Processing

Our valves meet strict hygiene standards for the food and beverage industry. They are used in processing, filling, and packaging lines to handle a variety of products, including water, oils, juices, dairy, and alcohol. Our solutions guarantee product quality, safety, and compliance with food safety regulations.

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries

Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries

Designed for precision, cleanliness, and contamination-free operation in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Our valves are essential in processes such as fermentation, separation, and purification. Additionally, they are used in clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) systems, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and product purity.

Marine & Shipbuilding

Marine & Shipbuilding

Our valves are used in various marine applications, including ballast water systems, fuel and oil systems, and engine cooling systems. They are designed to withstand harsh marine environments, providing reliability and performance in shipbuilding and offshore platforms.

HVAC Systems

HVAC Systems

In heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, our valves ensure comfortable indoor environments by regulating air and fluid flows. They are key components in chillers, boilers, and refrigeration units, contributing to energy efficiency and climate control in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Why Choose Us as Your Valve Supplier

Quality and Reliability

We are committed to delivering only the highest quality valves that meet the most stringent standards. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability, durability, and performance under the most demanding conditions. Our valves reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs, and increase service life, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Our team of experienced engineers works closely with you to understand your requirements, challenges, and operational environment. This collaborative approach enables us to design and manufacture valves that are perfectly suited to your application, optimizing performance and enhancing safety.

Comprehensive Product Range

Our product range includes ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, and check valves in various sizes, materials, and pressure ratings. We can meet all your valve needs, regardless of your industry or application. We continuously innovate and develop our products to offer you the latest advancements in valve technology.

Customer Service and Support

Our customer service team is knowledgeable, responsive, and ready to assist you at every step, from product selection and customization to after-sales support. We offer comprehensive technical support, including installation guidance, troubleshooting, and maintenance tips, to ensure your valves operate at their best for years to come.

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